Updated Hours of Operation!!

Friday, April 9, 2021

Prehistoric Pets and The Reptile Zoo will be open EVERYDAY from 10:00AM - 7:00PM!!

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5/8/2021 5:02 PM

This place looks awesome where are you located I would love to bring my family

5/11/2021 10:35 PM
Annual pass

Let me know [email protected]

5/20/2021 9:06 AM

Where are you located?

6/4/2021 3:37 PM
A Hairy Experience

I’m trying to get a experience with tarantulas and learn more about them and do it for my YT. Is there a way I can meet up in July to do so.

6/15/2021 1:39 AM
I love prehistoric pets


8/17/2021 6:51 PM

I enjoy watching you on Facebook, My daughter and I will be traveling from Boston to LA for the first time. I definitely want to make Jayprehistoric pets/Zoo one of my stops. My name is Benjamin C. Nolan on Facebook my daughters name is Nia G. Nolan

8/31/2021 3:15 PM
January’s Eilers

6636987566 I am in Pennsylvania and my friend had a box turtle I want to bring back to California How do I mail it to me at home or to to shop  or take on the plane??